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Jojo - as Ioana likes to be called, is very friendly and open person with great positive energy around her. She joined our Cloud 9 in 2022. Straight away we knew she will be another perfect member for our team.

She has AAT Level 4 qualification, also currently studying Finance & Accounting at Anglia Ruskin University in London (will be graduating in 2023).

In her past she as well picked up several accolades. She was a manager in warehouse, where she led team of 5, handled 400 different production lines, did invoicing, reconciliation, accounting balance sheets.

Strong client relationship she developed when she was in a role of promoting and selling well-known branded accounting software.

Later on, she was again part of big production company, where she led team of 250 staff, responsible for accounting of the company, she designed and implemented a full Excel-based automated manufacturing and accounting management system – which led to improving efficiency, accountability and costs.

She also was part of cleaning company where she built the business from the ground up, run successfully and managed to sell it as a healthy going concern.

After that her lately steps led her to property management, where she was acting as manager, overseeing maintenance of 15 HMO rental properties and assisted landlords with bookkeeping and accounting.

As Jojo is very energetic, at the moment, while she is providing accounting service she is also acting as manager of construction company. There she is responsible for: managing all customer interaction, terms negotiation and contract management, analysing, managing and mitigating risk, handling all reconciliation, accounts payable/receivable, tax, VAT, CIS, invoicing, purchase orders, management accounting, budget setting and forecasting, assessing incoming project tenders, securing profitable terms and conditions, overseeing quality construction standards in line with industry best practice, planning projects, including manpower, and materials requirements, building in contingency plans to mitigate unforeseen circumstances, coordinating teams of 15 construction workers and subcontractors, across multiple project sites and regularly reviewing progress.

“Training and taking care of Rottweilers!"
"Dog training, hiking, nature, plants, etc… but especially dog training :-D!” – this is when you ask her what does she love to do in her spare time.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

REVIEWS for Ioana Lozonschi (Jojo)

"As a busy business owner who feels like I have to do everything solo, JoJo has been an essential lifeline for me. From managing my accounts, bookkeeping, and providing me with important financial forecasts to allow me to make essential business decisions, I feel fully supported and am able to focus on the growth of my business while everything else is taken care of. Having a professional firm who understands my needs as well as provides me with organisation and guidance has been invaluable and I couldn´t recommend JoJo enough. "
- Amy Avanzato -

"I love working on my business, but don´t enjoy the accounting side of it. I find it time consuming and often confusing. JoJo has given me the opportunity to concentrate on the parts of my business that are important to me, while ensuring that my taxes and declarations are all in order. The peace of mind that comes with working with JoJo is incredible and means I can use my time more effectively. Highly recommended."
- Diego Burgos -

"Best service that I have received.
I will recommend this company to friends and family."
- Ramiro Enriquez -

"Jojo is an approachable, and professional accountant and business owner whom I can highly recommend. I needed help with my finances and haven't been able to sort it up without her help. She was quick, efficient and very helpful. Will certainly use her services again."
- Diana T -

"Professional and very Quick responses to all my questions. Feel as a valuable client and its a pleasure to work with Jojo. I would recommend as a great service to everyone who wants a high quality accounting service."
- Marina Balaniuc-

"Ioana is a knowledgeable manager who has been very helpful and responsive in managing our affairs in the UK for nearly 15 years. She is highly trustworthy and reliable."
- Graeme Parkes-

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