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The level of service you receive from a Cloud 9 bookkeeper and accountant is completely up to you; we work around you to make sure your bookkeeping and accounting needs are met, no matter how big or small they may be.

Our bookkeepers and accountants are trained to offer you anything from the day to day inputting of sales and purchases invoices, to analysing the company's financial performance.

You can choose from the services below to tailor your package to satisfy your bookkeeping and accounting needs:

Processing sales and purchase invoices

Good bookkeeping starts with accurate entry of both sales and purchase invoices. Our bookkeepers will ensure that your records are kept up to date, but more importantly, they are entered with accuracy. If you like to report on projects or departments of your business, we can allocate the sales and purchase invoices accordingly to provide you with valuable reporting on what is making your business money!

Bank reconciliations

It is imperative that your bank reconciliation is done regularly, and methodically. That is why all our bookkeepers take a vigilant approach when it comes to bank reconciliation. With your bank reconciled regularly, we will be able to report on who has paid you, and which invoices are still outstanding. This will allow you to make important budgeting decision as you will have a better insight into your projected bank balance.

Preparation of VAT Returns

Our bookkeepers will not only generate your VAT Returns for you, and submit these to HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf - they will also monitor which VAT scheme would best suit your business. Did you know there are four ways to account for your VAT? Let us help you decide which scheme would benefit you.

Payroll services, including compliance with new RTI regulations

With HM Revenue & Customs implementing the new Real Time Information (RTI) regulations from 6 April 2013, it's never been more important to ensure you payroll has been prepared correctly and on time. Cloud 9 bookkeepers will ensure your pay run is prepared in compliance with the new regulations, and we will advise you how much to pay you and your employees, as well as notifying you of the PAYE&NI payable to HM Revenue & Customs.

Report on money due in/out

By entering on your sales and purchase invoices, and subsequently reconciling your bank accounts, we will be able to present to you with one simply report showing you the money still outstanding to you from your customers, and how much you still owe your suppliers, allowing you to have a clearer view of your finances so you can budget for the future.

Report on the performance of your business

For proactive tax planning, it is important to monitor your company's performance throughout the year, rather than look at it retrospectively when it is potentially to late to mitigate. Cloud9 therefore offer a service where we would present to you a monthly profit and loss report, which would clearly show you the profit for each month, and an accumulated profit for the year so far. We can even build in comparisons to prior years for added value to your reports, we will simply tailor the reports to your needs.

Getting a trained team in to perform one or all of the above services will help mitigate those surprises that you fear are always looming around the next corner, by helping you review the past, manage the present, and plan for the future at our very competitive hourly rates.

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