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Why joining a franchise is right for you

Join C9 so that you benefit from your hard work, not your boss!

At some point in their life, everyone dreams about being their own boss and owning their business, but more often than not they are put off by the risk that comes with starting from scratch. So what if someone else did all the hard work of setting up a recognised brand, setting up a website, and finding you clients so you could hit the ground running? Sounds too good to be true right, well that's exactly what Cloud9 Bookkeeping offers as part of joining their growing franchise.

C9's Insight: Why bookkeepers can save your business money!


For many owner managed business, there is always the temptation to try and manage your finances yourself, in order to cut the cost of outsourcing the work to a trained bookkeeper.  Here at Cloud9, we agree that in the early stages of a business, cash is king! So where you spend your money is crucial, and we believe that a bookkeeper is a great investment of your money for many different reasons.

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