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tracyTracy McLeod

“I had always wanted to start my own Bookkeeping business but was a little overwhelmed with where to even start, especially with things like I.T, Advertising , Networking & Stationary etc.

Cloud 9 was recommended to me, so I got in touch and a meeting was soon set up. I had so many questions to ask, but by the time the meeting had finished I was lot more informed and felt confident with all of the options available to me and any next steps that I needed to take.

I joined the Cloud 9 franchise in 2016 and was really impressed with the how Cloud 9 supported me. I was included in the arranging of setting up of the website, emails, social media accounts & stationary and I not only had the support from the director of Cloud 9, I also had the support of the other franchisees, who had been or were in the same position as me.

Being a part of the franchise gave me the opportunity to build my business at my own pace and really helped grow in my own confidence and knowledge. I learnt so much during my 4 years and I don’t believe that I would be where I am now without Cloud 9.”

amanda sqMartina Sujova

"It has been a dream of mine of having my own business for some time. I did not enjoy being stuck in the 9-5 cycle and especially not working for somebody else. I was a bit lost to be honest and longed for a career change.

I came across Cloud 9 Bookkeeping website in 2017 and was excited immediately and impressed reading about the already success stories from there. This led me to make the call to Alex from Cloud 9, he assured me that this is the way to go for me. I was slightly sceptical, not sure what to expect, however I am glad I did give it a try. After signing the contract, I received business materials (iPad, business cards, letters, pens, fancy Xero bag). The Xero bag that I received from them has also made its mark as clients always comment on it with big smiles. As part of the pack, I received Xero training together with marketing training. The easy-to-follow instructions helped with the search for looking for clients on various social media platforms.

It happened very quickly. It was exciting but also a little scary, my first client showing an interest via Facebook messenger. To be honest I did not have clue what to do, I quickly gave a call to Alex for some guidance. He assured me that this was a great sign and not too be worried as he will be there on the phone if anything should go wrong at the meeting with my first client. Looking back, I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I visited my first client with very small hope but with an encouraging message from Alex. During the chat with client, I was constantly assuring him that I have a big brand behind me, great team of Accountants who can help me if needed. The client was very impressed and showed great enthusiasm to get on board then he passed me his rather large bag of bills and invoices. I could not believe I did it, my very first client. I was so excited, shouting and crying tears of joy in the car, by myself with a large bag of paperwork from my very first client and ‘big congratulations’ message from Alex. This was just the beginning of a successful bookkeeping and now accounting career journey..."

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